Shipping & Warranty

  • We ship everywhere using USPS Priority service and rates.
  • Return unused packs for a full refund.
  • Guaranteed against defects in materials or manufacturing.
  • Let us know if something is wrong and we will work to make it right.
  • Our products are designed by us in a Utah garage and manufactured in a small shop in Arizona.

Our Story

Andrew Bentz and I met in 2015 on the Continental Divide Trail. We both had lightweight backpacks and were inspired to push ourselves through difficult terrain. The following year we decided to join forces to make our perfect pack, which meant that it would be designed (a) for use with extremely minimal gear (b) for walking all day without needing to stop (c) with intention behind every feature / nothing extraneous to cut off (d) to be cute 😉

This resulted in the Simple Pack, and was the start of Pa’lante.

Pa’lante means onward – to keep moving – and this reflects our shared interest in challenging ourselves through sustained, efficient movement in the outdoors.

Although our gear is very light, our focus is not necessarily to make the lightest possible gear. When Andrew skiied the Sierra High Route or when I hiked through Alaska, we did not have as tiny of packs as we do during a thru hike of a triple crown trail because the needs were different and our gear reflected that. We relied on our knowledge of packing light and appropriately dealing with conditions given our desired experience, and brought the appropriate gear to aid us on our trips and the pack weight followed. Similar to this is how we approach our design. We determine an intended use or experience, and create a product with a feature-set that works together to be exactly what you would need to best suit your journey.

We continually test ourselves and our gear, challenging ourselves to discover what is possible, and support those who do the same.

– John Zahorian
Pa’lante Packs, co-owner

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