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  • we use ups and usps. tracking info will be sent to you once the order is shipped.
  • we ship out 2 times per week. if there is a delay wth your shipment we likely are on a trip and will return shortly.
  • we don’t have any more info regarding tracking than you do.
  • if your tracking info says “in transit” but is taking longer than expected, all we can do is wait. it will be updated eventually. we cannot contact anyone to access more info about your shipment.

international shipping:

  • priced in us dollars and shipped via ups  or usps
  • usps first class is the cheapest option, but we recommend choosing usps priority or ups.  
  • please be aware that packages may be subject to delay and additional taxes and duties at the port of entry
  • once the package lands in the destination country/customs, it’s out of our hands. please be patient. 
  • please notify us if the pack has been returned to sender.
  • please include your phone number in the order. 


  • if you ordered the wrong size and want a different size there are two options:
    • if the desired pack is in stock: email us for a return, send the pack back and then order the new one. we will refund the original order upon receiving it from you.
    • if the desired pack is not in stock: email us to see if we have any left from the batch and we will see what options we have for you.


  • email us to return unused products within 2 weeks of receiving your order.
  • we do not accept returns on products marked “all sales final”

    manufacturing defects 

  • we take full responsibility for manufacturing defects. reach out out to us and we will send you a replacement pack asap at no charge to you.
  • examples of manufacturing defects: ice axe loop caught in the wrong seam, elastic shock cord not secured properly, misplaced or missing bartacks, incorrect buckle placement, etc.

    wear and tear 
  • we expect your pack to last your full thru hike. reach out to us if there is an issue that renders your pack unusable and we will look over what is happening. we will often replace the pack if it seems to be used under under normal circumstances encountered while hiking. (replacements may not match your original order, as they are inventory dependent)
  • we issue partial refunds for smaller issues with your pack that do not necessarily render it unusable. the amount will depend on the defect. 
  • examples of partial refunds: failures that do not affect the overall structural integrity of the pack, elastic shock cord tearing or coming out of seam, stitches tearing due to improper sewing, non widespread delamination, issues that can be repaired relatively easily, etc. 
  • we do not accept returns or warranty on packs that have been replaced. 


  • we don’t offer repairs.
  • please understand that this pack will not last a lifetime under heavy use. we have tested and used these packs extensively and deem them sufficiently durable for thru hiking.




  • please be nice ☮. we’re hikers just like you. if something’s up with your order we’ll make sure it’s fixed.
  • we answer emails 2-3 times per week.. and sometimes we’re out on trips.

production updates:

  • please refer to the estimates listed at the bottom of each product box for future batches of packs. 
  • if we do not have any info listed we are not sure when it will be available again. 

if you have any questions, please contact us at


main pack fabrics

ultra weave - click on this link for a detailed description of ultra weave.

gridstop - 210d nylon/uhmwpe ripstop. the white grid is the uhmwpe which gives this fabric a lot of tensile strength. although this fabric has uhmwpe in it, we don’t call it ultra grid. mostly because the ultralight world has been calling this fabric “gridstop” for a long time. we usually offer a gridstop variation for every pack. gridstop tends to be the most durable for long term use. this is beacuse the fabric can stretch very slightly which makes it able to spread a heavy load very effeciently.

robic nylon - this is the lightest material we use for our packs. robic nylon uses a high tenacity yarn that is more resistant to abrasion than standard nylon.

ultra mesh - nylon, uhmwpe, and spandex blend. we developed this mesh with our fabric mill in korea. this mesh is extremely durable and stretches a  good amount.

210d ripstop nylon - standard ripstop nylon with a pu-coating.

other materials 

3d mesh - standard breathable mesh that has some padding to it. used on the underside of shoulder straps.

evazote foam - 3/8 inch closed cell foam for shoulder straps
nylon webbing - strap material used in various widths
plastic buckles - used in various sizes for chest straps and hip belt

 g hook - alumunum hook in the shape of the letter “g” that’s used to close the top of the pack

terms to know

uhmwpe - ultra high molecular weight polyethylene

pu coating - polyurethane coating to provide water resistance.
laminate - a material that has multiple layers bonded together by heat and pressure. generally an outer layer of polyester or nylon backed with a polyester film. the two layers are bonded together with high pressure and heat. these materials are inherently waterproof beacuse of the film backing.

- if you see the word “ultra” used in the naming that means it has uhmwpe in it.

woven fabrics - standard fabrics that are made using a mill that weaves the fabric together. ripstops, meshes etc.