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V2 Laminate



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The V2 maintains the signature features that made the Simple Pack optimized for hiking long days on long trails, such as the integrated shoulder strap pockets and stretchy bottom pocket, but with every aspect re-examined to improve usability, durability, and comfort. The V2 is low volume and has no frame, but has the option of a stashable webbing hipbelt to assist with those occasional longer carries.




total volume (16″): 31L
total volume (19″): 37L
*pockets not included in measurement*


  • BODY: V07 & V21 with cire finish
  • STRAPS: 210D HDPE gridstop + V21 + 3/8″ foam + 3D spacer mesh
  • SIDE POCKETS: 210D HDPE gridstop
  • FRONT POCKET: lycra mesh
  • SHOULDER POCKETS: lycra mesh
  • BOTTOM POCKET: nylon/spandex mesh
  • WEBBING: 15mm nylon
  • HIPBELT WEBBING: 1.5″ nylon (seatbelt)


16″ –  13.5 oz
19″ – 14.3 oz
+ 2.2 oz hipbelt
+ 0.5 oz long straps


This year we’re bringing you the same V2 that you all love but with updated materials! We’re now using Dimension Polyant’s V07 for the main body and V21 for higher wear areas. We’re are also using V21 on the shoulder straps to reduce stretching and increase long term durability.

More information on our new fabrics:

Dimension Polyant is the maker of the VX line of fabrics (VX03, VX07, VX21, VX42…). These are laminate fabrics, which means that they are composed of multiple layers bonded together. The letters and numbers in the name of the fabrics denote the layers used. The V means there is a 50 denier polyester taffeta backing layer. The X means there is an X-Ply reinforcement layer. The numbers all refer to the denier of the nylon used for the face fabric, 07 indicating 70d ripstop nylon and 21 indicating 210d nylon. All of the VX fabrics are waterproof due to their 0.25 mil PET film layer and a DWR treatment.

Although Dimension Polyant fabrics are widely used in backpacks, they were originally developed for use in sails, so we made some customizations to the VX07 and VX21 fabrics to make them perfect for packs. Firstly, the signature X-Ply. This gives X-Pac (VX) fabrics their signature look and are there for reinforcement. But in packs, this reinforcement provides a negligible amount of ripstop and the stretch reduction is unneeded for the lengths used in a pack compared to a sail. Furthermore, the extra thickness of the X-Ply creates points of abrasion that compromise durability and can increase the tendency for the material to delaminate. The other change we made to the VX fabrics is the addition of a cire finish. This doubles the abrasion resistance, one of the more critical elements of a pack’s durability, at a very minor weight penalty. It also makes it a little more waterproof. This finish is what gives our new body fabrics a shinier look.

How do these fabrics compare to the 150d polyester face DCF we previously used in the V2? Very positively. DCF has a higher tear strength, but unnecessarily so for use in packs. After meeting basic tear strength requirements, most pack use cases do better with more abrasion resistance. Nylon fabrics are stronger than polyester on a weight to weight basis, and the added benefits of the cire finish will increase the performance further still.


🇺🇸 Designed in Utah. Manufactured in Arizona. 🇺🇸


Our torso length measurement is the distance from the bottom of the pack to the apex of the curve from which the straps come off the pack. Measuring yourself will ensure you are selecting the best size for your body because of the natural deviations in torso lengths between people of the same height. But generally speaking:

16″ torso length will generally fit those from 5’2″-5’8″
19″ torso length will generally fit those over 5’8″
19″ torso with longer straps will fit those with a chest size larger than ~44″



V2 User Manual (PDF)