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The V2 maintains the signature features that made the Simple Pack optimized for hiking long days on long trails, such as the integrated shoulder strap pockets and stretchy bottom pocket, but with every aspect re-examined to improve usability, durability, and comfort. The V2 is low volume and has no frame, but has the option of a stashable webbing hipbelt to assist with those occasional longer carries.

Next expected batch of packs: holiday season.


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Our torso length measurement is the distance from the bottom of the pack to the apex of the curve from which the straps come off the pack. Measuring yourself will ensure you are selecting the best size for your body because of the natural deviations in torso lengths between people of the same height. But generally speaking:

16″ torso length will generally fit those from 5’2″-5’8″
19″ torso length will generally fit those over 5’8″
19″ torso with longer straps will fit those with a chest size larger than ~44″

Contact us if you have any questions with sizing.





  • 19″ pack sans hipbelt: 14.8 oz
  • 19″ pack with hipbelt: 16.8 oz
  • 16″ pack sans hipbelt: 14.0 oz
  • 16″ pack with hipbelt: 16.0 oz

approximate volume: 40L


  • BODY: Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) CT9HK.18/blkwov6 150d Woven Polyester + 0°/90° Dyneema® fiber + Polyester Film (5.0 oz/yd²)
  • STRAPS:rigid woven with 220dtex Dyneema fiber ripstop + 3/8″ FY20 foam + 3D spacer mesh
  • SIDE POCKETS: rigid woven with 220dtex Dyneema fiber ripstop
  • FRONT POCKET: Dyneema mesh
  • SHOULDER POCKETS: lycra mesh
  • BOTTOM POCKET: nylon/spandex mesh
  • WEBBING: 15mm nylon
  • HIPBELT WEBBING: 1.5″ nylon (seatbelt)

🇺🇸 Designed in Utah. Manufactured in Arizona. 🇺🇸


V2 User Manual (PDF)