pre-production samples, b-grade, and previous batch packs

samples: for each item we make we go through a prototype and sampling process before beginning bulk production. pre-production sample (pps) items are usually new and unused, but sometimes have seen a little wear. samples may have variations from the final production version of an item such as strap width, fabric color, webbing/trim placements, seam placements etc. we make sure to only sell packs in this category that we deem fully usable

b-grade: these packs have defects that in most cases do not render them unusable. sometimes with minor wear. all defects, wear, and other relevant details will be noted in the product name. b-grade items are great for those who have diy repair skills

previous batch packs: these are new and unused packs from older batches of packs, with details/fabrics that have since been changed on newer versions of the pack. made in vietnam packs are listed with the year of production. made in utah packs are listed with 'ogden'


we do not provide photos or answer questions about the packs listed here, thanks for understanding :)

*all sales final, no returns or exchanges. no warranties offered on sample/b-grade/discount packs*

sample/b-grade packs