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“ultralight is our pack for ultra-minimalists. it maintains the signature features of our other packs, but in a smaller, lighter form. low volume, no frame, and no stashable hipbelt. ultralight uses a blend of woven fabrics for light weight yet high durability.

100d robic nylon, 210d uhmwpe gridstop nylon, 210d pu coated nylon ripstop, 70d pu coated nylon ripstop, 3/8″ evazote foam, spacer mesh, nylon/spandex meshes, ultra mesh (w/ tent stake pocket on gridstop packs) 15mm nylon webbing, aluminum adjustable tension hook 

weight: 380 g; 13.4  (olive gridstop), 400g;  14.1oz (black gridstop), 348g; 12.3oz (robic)  
vlume: 26L
size: 18″ torso length (one size)
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︎ $240
olive gridstop  ︎ ︎SOLD OUT︎  
black gridstop  ︎  ︎SOLD OUT︎
black robic  ︎  ︎SOLD OUT︎
burgundy robic  ︎ ︎SOLD OUT︎


“v2 is the evolution of the original simple pack. strap, side, and bottom pockets carry what you need access to. v2 is for light, low volume pack weights. frameless, but includes a stashable hipbelt for when you are leaving town with a full bag.“

200d ultra weave (uhmwpe/polyester blend laminated to a .5 mil film), 210D hdpe nylon gridstop, 3/8″ Evazote foam, spacer mesh, uhmwpe grid mesh and nylon-spandex meshes, 15mm nylon webbing, aluminum adjustable tension hook, 1.5″ nylon, webbing hipbelt, plastic hipbelt buckle. the gridstop option is the  most durable ;)

Weight: 476g;,495g; 16.8 oz, 17.5 oz
Volume: 31L; 37L
Size: 16” torso fits 5’2″-5’8″, 19” fits over 5’8” 
More Photos

︎ $240
16” Torso Length
white ultraweave ︎  add to cart  
black ultraweave ︎  add to cart  
black grid ︎  add to cart
19” Torso Length
white ultraweave ︎  add to cart  
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long water bottle

“collapsible water bottle that fits in your v2 chest pocket. this one is narrower and longer.”

500 ml, made with recycled materials, 100% bpa and pvc free

weight:  39.3g 
heat tolerance: -4* - 122* fahrenheit

︎ $20
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“a cross body side bag for all activities; we love it for biking, hiking, skiing, fishing, etc... comes with a detachable strap to secure around the waist. and a front pocket for what you need access to.“

nylon/spandex durable strech woven  or 100D robic nylon, dyneema mesh, 15mm nylon webbing, 9mm nylon webbing, aluminum adjustable tension hooks, #5 zipper

weight: bag - 61.4g, strap - 12.5g
size: small  fits chests up to 36″, large fits chest over  36” 
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︎ $69
black robic (small) ︎ ︎SOLD OUT︎
black robic (large) ︎  ︎SOLD OUT︎
clay (small) ︎  ︎SOLD OUT︎
clay (large) ︎   ︎SOLD OUT︎  

desert pack

“desert pack was designed for desert hiking. made  from ultra weave and dyneema mesh (our most durable fabric combo yet). It has a tad more volume  when compared to the V2 to acccomodate for long water carries and shoulder season conditions.  side pockets are roomy  and adjustable and easily fit two water bottles. first ever integrated stake pocket on the front mesh.  bottom and shoulder strap pockets.“

400 and 800d ultra weave (uhmwpe/polyester blend laminated to a .5 mil film), dyeema mesh,  3/8″ evazote foam, spacer mesh, 15mm nylon webbing, aluminum adjustable tension hook, 1.5″ nylon webbing hipbelt, plastic hipbelt buckle. 
more info

weight: 526 g, 18.6 oz; 583 g, 20.6 oz
volume: 37L, 43L
size: 17”, 19”
more photos

︎ $270
17” ︎  ︎SOLD OUT︎  
19” ︎  ︎SOLD OUT︎  
*estimated release:  winter